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9/25/2010 - (Inubashiri Momiji - Long Hair - Tattered kimono)

I've noticed the thickness and tone of my solid lines are growing ever so lighter. I am relieving stress off my wrist I suppose (I  begin to wonder if that's a good thing or bad). I must stay weary of my progress and not obscure my currently known techniques with one's I wish to learn.

It's getting much more easier for me to begin the sketch with the body figure, though I may point out many errors for correction.

-slimness of female body tone
-proportions of curves
-proportion of head-to-neck down
-head/neck body alighnment.

Overall, my progress on clothing and on body features such as hands, hair, head, and arms have been left unscaved. But I must concentrate on getting the proper proportions and scales of body parts or crucial curves. This is the only way of achieving female-figure perfection.

I aim to achieve that.

''Ye who seek unhappiness shall find it at the worst possible time.''

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TONY!!!!!!!!!! tis Lauren. addeth me.
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Hiya, would you like to exchange llama badges, please? ^_^ Here’s one for you. :heart:
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